Mission Statement

•  To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

•  To continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, our business processes and the quality of the services we provide. 

• To have a team oriented company that values the involves its employees for the success of all.

•  To be aware of our environment.

•  To have a professional relationship with our business partners.

What We Offer

• Quality Machining • Large Part Capability • On-Time Delivery
• ASM Welding • Competitve Pricing • Skilled Machinist

Quality Objectives

•  100% On Time Delivery

•  100% Conforming Parts

•  Corrective Action Response Time Less Than 15 Days from the date the Complaint has been received.

Quality Policy

SMT is committed to meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers. Our success depends upon the commitment to employee involvement, continuous improvement and improved performance goals. We are committed to complying with requirements of our quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness. Our Quality Policy is communicated to all employees through orientation, communications and ongoing internal audits. The Quality Policy Statement is prominently displayed throughout the company's premises. We discuss the continuing suitability of the Quality Policy at each management review.

Our Goal:

To operate a job shop where quality prevails because skilled labor is valued and associates work together for the common good.

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